The role of mobile performance support in online learning

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I recently read an article in Learning Solutions Magazine about the growing role of mobile technology in providing performance support after a training event. While the article does not focus only on support after an online learning event, I’d like to explore this area.

In the article, author James Rasmussen makes the case that mobile devices provide the perfect platform for performance support for five reasons:

  • Access in the moment of need (because mobile devices are virtually ubiquitous, they ensure a delivery channel whenever and wherever performance support is needed)
  • Access in real-time (the ability of the device to access information or people that can provide help)
  • Offline storage (the ability to store information on the device for use even when the device is not connected to the Internet)
  • Access to videos
  • Responsive design (the ability of software to automatically sense and adapt to the display device)

Since we know that online learners (and all learners, actually) begin to lose what they’ve learned as soon as a training “event” ends, there is an obvious need to provide ways for learners to reengage with what they’ve learned back on the job. But mobile performance support for online learning may offer unique considerations. For example, because online learning is already “online,” could mobile performance support be incorporated into the overall online learning design?

What do you think?

What role, if any, does mobile performance support already play in the online learning you develop?

Does this article spark new ideas for how you might add mobile performance support to your online learning blend?


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