Featured Projects

This page highlights some of the work I’ve done while attending the Information and Learning Technologies (ILT) master’s program at the University of Colorado Denver. Each project relates to one or more ILT competencies, which you can learn more about on the ILT Competencies page.

Note that each project will open on a new browser tab.

Action Research

This report documents my action research into learner preferences for audio narration.

Comic-Style Instruction

This comic-style job aid helps cyclists navigate a ride along the High Line, a popular recreational trail that runs through southwest suburban Denver.

Digital Story

Twilight at Harmon Cave is a digital story I produced to relate my volunteer experiences as a bat population monitor with Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks.

Instructional Video

In this video, I demonstrate replacing a sprinkler. I used my smartphone to record the footage and edited the final project in Adobe Premier Pro.

Mobile Performance Support

This mobile performance support site is a prototype I developed for my work organization and for the Media and Mobile Learning course. For the purposes of sharing publicly, I have changed the name of my organization and all of the actual details. To experience this site as it is intended to be used, be sure to open it on a smartphone.


I created this podcast, Songs in the Key of Blue, for an assignment in which my classmates and I were to create a podcast about “a color.” I used GarageBand to create the podcast, and hosted it on SoundCloud.

Social Media

My learning blog, which appears on this site, has its origins in the Social Media and Digital Cultures course.